Our Frozen Yogurt & Treats
Melt Frozen Yogurt Pots

Melt Frozen Yogurt

MELT frozen yogurt is made using fresh skimmed yogurt and fresh skimmed milk.  Not the long-life UHT stuff.

Key Yogurt Facts. Bone-building calcium. Calcium + Vitamin D (Dubai sunshine) = strong bones Naturally occurring good-for-you probiotics. Probiotics are the ‘friendly’ bacteria that keep your tummy healthy. Power boosting Protein — around 8oz of yogurt contains 10-14 grams Loaded with Vitamins : potassium, zinc, B5, B12 and more!

Chilly Billy Ice Lollies

Chilly Billy

When did ice lollies get so complicated?
We’re taking it back to basics.

100% pure fruit ice lollies. No Added Sugar. No Colourings. No Preservatives. Ony 43 Calories. Push up from bottom to eat.

Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Coconut Mylks

Rebel Kitchen

Dairy Free Coconut Mylks with simple ingredients direct from nature

Dairy Free No Refined Sugar, Additives or Preservatives Suitable for Vegan and Paleo diets Gluten, Nut and Soy Free

Organic Iced Teas

Organic Iced Tea

Our organic ice tea is cold brewed and made fresh daily

Tea is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants… Fight Iinfection and disease. We NEVER add refined sugar! There are plenty of other naturally sweet and tasty ingredients to add!

More “yummy” goodies to come